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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eye Surgery

Well, I have been blessed most of my life with good sight. I only needed funky reading glasses for close up work or reading for the past 20 years. When I turned 60 I had to go to a progressive lens for every day. I bought the funkiest glasses I could find. I bought dark tortoise shell round glasses...think "like" Harry Potter, even though I've never read or watched Harry. It was nice to not have to go looking for a pair of my reading glasses whenever I needed them,and I had them all over the house. In January I started having trouble with my vision. I couldn't believe my eyes had gotten so bad just from Oct. I called my ophthalmologist and then they finally had me come in for a looksey. I have a torn/hole in my left retina that has to be fixed. So, on March 12 I have surgery. But get this, afterward for two weeks I have to keep my head down and lay on my stomach to sleep!! I asked them if this treatment was left over from the 18th century? It seems I will have a gas bubble implanted in my eye to push against the repaired hole. It needs to push against the hole, and will just dissipate by itself. I'm honestly sort of disturbed about this, since I have RA and Fibro and I'm not too excited about having more pain in my life from sleeping in an awkward position, or looking down for 2 weeks. I could use some prayer if you are so inclined? I believe it will be much better than going blind in that eye.I have confidence in God to take care of my every need, but extra prayer is always a good thing.
Thanks and blessings to you.


Anita said...

Sorry to hear about your eye. I understand about being in odd positions. I have fibro too and been dealing with a foot problem for months that has aggravated the fibro. Sending hugs and prayers.

Patricia Gessner said...

You will not believe how well you will do with this surgery. They tell you two weeks, but sometimes it is 2 or 3 days only. And if you have a personal computer or I pad, you can place that on a low stool and can still pass the time with head down. They will give you a brochure that tells you where to get helpful tools for keeping your head down.....etc......Prayers are coming your way.....