Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brave Girl Club

I think I told you about some on-line classes I was taking? Brave Girls Club is a group/ class in mixed media, art journaling and restoring one's soul. So far it is really good, I may have to play catch up once I'm able to move my head after the surgery. I have little brown lunch bags for my "truth" cards. I have mostly gesso-ed my journals to prepare them for collage, paint and stamping. I have been collecting ephemera for a long time for doing this type of art. If you have seen any mixed ,media you probably saw lots of "she-art" with girls with wings and their heads tilted, or some are just sort of spooky... I think. My ideas are more "sunny" in nature and hopefully more positive. Photos to come when I finally get to work on it again.

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