Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Serious Business

As most of you know I started a partial 40 day fast 39 days ago. Along with the fast I have been in prayer about the future of our country. Tomorrow is election day and I hope you will pray and vote. I probably would not have posted something so personal as when I still sold Stampin' Up! Mainly because you don't want to alienate possible future customers. Well, I don't sell anything anymore and I feel this is so important that I will risk losing some of my followers. I'm a Christian and I vote my faith and convictions. I found an interesting web site that has some info for Christian voters and many interesting facts.  Link

If you go to the Voting and Clergy link> then at the bottom of that page is a 2012 info for Catholic voters. For those of the Catholic faith.
Lots of info for all faiths too.

I was so pleased to see Billy Graham endorse Mitt Romney. He will have full page ads in some key states about his endorsement. I truly believe that God has America in His hands, and that His purpose will be done for our country.
I know of Christians in Ohio who have a 24/7 prayer chain going for the election. I'm excited to see what my heavenly father is going to do, now and in the future.
Thanks for hanging around and for those who have joined me in the fast and prayer. I appreciate you all so much.
Please Pray
Please Vote

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