Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Perspective

Hey you all. I have had some emails stating  how disappointed about the election some folks are. I have to share with you what happened to me during my partial fast and prayer. At first I just prayed that my candidate would win. I mean who wouldn't pray for that...right? Well, the further I got into my 40 day fast I could see and feel a difference in my prayers and attitude about the election. Of course I wanted my guy to win, but I started to pray for the Lords will in this situation. I started to get more peace about the whole election, and when it did not turn out the way I wanted the election to go, I was at peace...disappointed but at peace. This morning as I read my scriptures and a devotional the Lord showed me His way is not always my way. It said " Seeing His will done is more important than our own comfort or personal ambition (ouch). We commit the consequences to God and cling to His promises: He will never leave us (Heb.13:5) and He makes good out of every  situation.  (Rom.8:28) I think the most of what I worry about is our moral compass is so out of whack and our freedom of religion seems to be getting crowed out of our country. I know the Lord lives and he cares about us and all our problems. Please don't lose your faith, just ask Him what we can do for our country.
Sorry, I got sort of "preachy"

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Angel Hawks said...

Well said. Love this post even though my heart hurts for this country.