Monday, April 4, 2011

First Question

The first question for my celebration blog candy week is:
Which stamp set has "caught you doing good" in it?
The first correct answer posted on Monday will win Monday's blog candy.Thanks for playing and don't forget to include your email inside the comment.
If you don't have the Idea Book and Catalog you can view it located on my left sidebar.If you'd like one for your own I'd be glad to send you one.


Sue Root said...

The set is Little Lambs.

Sue Root said...

Wow! When the comment came up, I saw that you are in an earlier time zone than I am. Hope it's far enough into Monday to count.

Sue Root said...

Hi Sarah,

I've done some housework, laudry, made lunches, gotten the kids off to school, checked e-mail and still no more comments, so this definitely should be late enough :)

Also, I wanted to let you know that I really like your blog. I get a lot of inspiration from it. You have so many cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

Hope you have a Happy Monday.


lisa808 said...

Sue was either up very early or late! I second her comment.

Mary Campbell said...

Little Lambs.
Boy someone got it fast. Love your blog. Mary

Brenda said...

Great blog and being on the West Coast, I give all you East Coasters a big thumbs up for the right answer!

Sue Root said...

Lisa -- unfortunately it was very early. Insomnia. I've learned it's better to just get up and do something (which is usually surf the Internet for a while or read) rather than toss and turn in bed. I'll be in bed very early tonight to make up for it!