Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pop Top Can Gift Holders

Happy last Saturday of Jan. Wow!
I made these for Christmas and had one on my 12 weeks of Christmas newsletters.These are for everyday and Valentines goodies.You take a can of Chunky soup or fruit with a pop top ring. Open the bottom of the cans with a clean open can opener (I used Pampered Chef) Remove and use the food inside and wash the inside of the cans/lids in soapy water, and let dry. Cover in your Favorite DSP and embellishments. I tie several ribbons on the pop ring. Fill the cans with candy or goodies, then seal the bottom lid with Chrystal effects.  Or Super Glue.Your recipient will wonder how you got the goodies inside the can.Really cool.
Thanks for looking.


Card Crazy said...

So very creative and cute. I will definitely be trying this for our little ones' valentines.
Sue S.

Shelley said...

Sarah this is a really great idea and you decorated them so beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration.