Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Box

I saw some black glitter felt at Micheal's so I had to have it, and this is what I made with it.

Halloween Fancy Felt Box

Tasteful Trim Die 120893

Fancy Favor Die 115965

Table Setting Die (roses) 116819

Bitty Bat punch 119279

Crop a Dile 108362

Trim Lace 120988

Tom Bow glue 110755

1 3/8 circle punch 119860

1 inch circle punch 119868

¾ inch circle punch 119873

Basic Black CS 121045

Pumpkin Pie CS 105117

Black glitter felt

Orange felt

Various buttons

Hot Glue



DSP chipboard

1) Cut out Fancy Favor die in the felt and DSP chipboard.

2) Cut ½ inch off the decorative edge on the favor box top.

3) Tom Bow glue the chipboard to the back side of the felt box.

4) Assemble box according to directions.

5) Cut out roses from the table setting die. For smaller roses use less by cutting off the “tail”

A) Start in the middle and curl the tail around the middle until you like the size.

B) Pin the rose to hold it together while you glue it.

C) Punch out circles to match the back size of your roses.

D) Hot glue the back side of the roses, then apply the cardstock circle and push into the middle of the circle and hot glue. Remove the pin.

E) Hot glue buttons to the front center.

6) Apply orange ric rac felt around the box with Tom Bow or hot glue.

7) Hot glue the roses to the front over the ric rac.

8) Tie a small cheesecloth knot and glue next to the roses.

9) Punch holes with the Crop A Dile in each side of the box for the handle.

10) Cut 12-13 inches of wire

11) Curl the wire around a pencil then gently stretch out, you can scrunch later.

12) From the outside of the box thread one end of the wire through the hole and bend upward to the handle wire, then twist to close the wire. Do the same on the opposite side. Cut any extra wire sticking out.

13) Punch out 5 black bats.

14) Hot glue two back to back over the twisted wire at both sides. This will cover the ruff twisted wire.

15) Tie a knot from the cheesecloth and trim lace together around the handle.

16) Hot glue the last bat on the knot.

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Adair said...

OMG, Sarah, this is fabulous!!! Very creative and festive!