Friday, August 30, 2013

I am alive

Well, I'm sure some of you may have thought I fell off the edge of the world. Surprise! I'm alive!
Since, I have been off all my RA medicine since Spring (because it lowered my immune system so much I was sick every six to seven weeks) my RA disease is progressing again. I have to make a decision whether I take the RA meds and get sick so often or to be in pain and fatigue with further joint damage. After my eye surgery in March, and being sick so much I just didn't do much, and then I found out that if I stay off the computer and social medias I could create during the times when I do feel better. So, I made a few quilts, wall hangings, pincushions,felt ornaments and working on my art journal. You know me I have many artistic ideas roaming around my head, but I don't have the energy to do everything,so I decided to use my energy on my art instead of being on the computer. I'm on now because I'm waiting for Dateline to start...and I have been thinking about everyone here.

This is the top of my "women of courage" quilt. I have done a block of the month for the last year and just finished the top. I have to put on the border and then quilt it. It is really big compared to the other quilts I have made. You should see the back where you can see all the little pieces that went into some of these blocks.
Happy Labor Day!

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