Tuesday, May 29, 2012

inner critic?

Do any of you have an inner critic that can whisper or in my case yell into my ear that what I create is junk? I just read an article from Artist Daily that many , many artists have this pain in the tush inner critic. We are our worst critics as my art prof used to say. Sometimes it can actually paralyze me into doing nothing.I read that we should just say "who cares" but as you all know we DO care what others think of our work, whether it is cards, paintings, sewing , etc. If you have any ideas on how to shut this loud mouth up let me know because I have a ton of ideas I'd like to create if I could get past this mountain. I need to remember when I am weak He is strong, and this is diffidently one of my weakness. So, to answer part of my question I need to pray about this and get on with art.


jennifer anderson said...

good deal!

Anonymous said...

When we try to hard, it is not enjoyable; therefore, relax and create for the fun of putting colors, forms and paper together. Step back and ADMIRE the project created. Later, look at it with admiration to see what we could add, take away to make it more what we're trying to say at that moment in time.
Blessings, Victoria