Thursday, May 31, 2012

Advice from Tim Holtz

In Tim's Humble Opinion . . .

Most artists I've met, well-known or obscure, are pretty nice folks. But when you deal with someone whose name is pretty much recognized by everyone who works in collage, mixed-media, paper art, and stamping, you might expect him or her to be distant or hard to access. You know, “Have your people call my people.”
collage artist tim holtz
Collage artist and creative guru
Tim Holtz.
If that creative rock star is Tim Holtz, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In all my interactions with him over the years, I've always been impressed with how gracious, unpretentious, and generous he is.

In case you don't know, Tim is the creative director for Ranger Industries and plays an integral part in the development and design of products that are among the favorites of many mixed-media artists.

When Tim's not busy helping to develop new creative products, you'll find him traveling around the world teaching collage and assemblage workshops.

Tim recently sat down with Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason for an early morning chat on the floor of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show. Among many topics, Tim shared his top 10 tips for creating your own signature style.

Here are five of my favorites:
1. Be yourself. Your personal style is simply that—your style, so be sure to stay true to what you like.
2. Look around. While our creative surroundings are full of inspiration, it's what you take from them to make it your own that's important.
3. Get inspired. There are so many ways to find inspiration from other designers. Check out blogs, magazines, and other online sources.
4. Experiment. Trying new things is key to developing your style. It's true that you won't know what you like until you try it.
5. Take time to play. It's a simple word we associate with children, but it's even more important as an adult-play. Play with a variety of colors, products, and mediums to discover what you like.

Straightforward and down-to-earth advice, to be sure. But Tim's gotten pretty far with it, don't you think?

You can read more of Tim's tips, watch his interview with Jenn, and get inspiration and collage techniques on
the interactive eMag Collage in Color II, now available for iPad.

P.S. How have you created your own signature style? Or, what's standing in your way? Share your thoughts with the community on the Cloth Paper Scissors Today blog.

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