Monday, April 23, 2012

Grandson Max

My grandson turned two on Friday and we had a Lorax party on Sunday. I made the cake, but was not pleased with how it came out,it was not my best work. On Saturday night Max had to go to the ER with an asthma attack. This has had me in an emotional roller coaster. I have bad allergies and asthma and carry an epi pen in my purse. I feel responsible for his asthma in a way since my genes probably wiggled his way. I know it is not something I did per se, but I feel awful about it anyway. I heard from his mom today that the meds and nebulizer are helping him and  he slept better last night. I felt so helpless and scared for him. With the steroids he is on he acted well enough to have his party. Please pray for Max.
Thank you!

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