Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hey there bloggers,
Sorry I have been gone, I was really around but not feeling well enough to do anything here.I have a sinus infection and then side affects from the antibiotic...not fun.
Anyway,I have some cute ideas for felt ornaments this week, and slippers I'm going to make with fabric, non slip fabric and Sherpa. My Christmas tree is all set up, my grandson came over and just pointed at it. He is 19 months old, and we were afraid he'd be climbing up the tree. He was fascinated looking at our lights on the trees in the back yard. His Dad, my son, Jeremy told him the lights were waving to him and he waved back at the lights. Such a blessing and watching him made me laugh which was a good thing.
I have struggled for sometime about which way to go with my SU business. My Dr. told me to quit, but I would not so he had me pare it down. Another reason I have been absent.But I had to take a different look at this and all I do.My faith is a primary factor in my life and I had to look at that also. I asked myself if I was working unto the Lord or for myself? Not always easy to find out some things about yourself that need to be adjusted, and repent. Anyway, my blog will take on some changes and I hope for the best. As some of you know I have fine art training and have not been doing any of this which makes Sarah a crabby person. You see if you want to make money in this SU business you have to be working your little tush off. I'm all for making money, but it was taking a toll on me and my not so great health. I'm going to take the attitude of this is supposed to be fun,which it is if you are not a perfectionist, over achiever that I am. So, maybe more than you wanted to know, but I'll still be posting my creations and my DT projects. Budget Stamping Tutorial Club (BSTC) is going well and will be easier for me with my new set up
My classroom is all set up for Budget Stamp Tutorial Club and some videos I have planned.
Members Only section for club members.
My real time club is still a "go" and for me to stay in business I need that and BSTC.Thanks for sticking around and I hope you'll be back to see more. I really appreciate you and hope the future is full of art and hope here at Stetler Arts.

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Tracy said...

I had the same experience with my SU business when we moved from Alaska to Colorado. Used to be so fun and easy and I loved every second of it. We moved and I was suddenly dealing with a very saturated area. I felt like I was struggling to make it work and didn't want to step on another demonstrator's toes. I haven't had a workshop in 10 years but I'm 100% happy in just keeping it fun. Hang in'll know what to do when its the right time to do it! I'm routing for ya Ü