Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm a little nervous

Several reasons why I'm a little nervous. First, it is raining and you know what happened to my basement last time it rained for a few days? We are still fixing that problem.Pray for our house to stay dry proof. Also, I'm a little nervous about some projects I'm starting. I've started selling on Etsy under the name "Paper Craft Priorities" I'm selling tutorials on for the Kindle, and did you know you don't actually have to own a Kindle to get the e-books and tutorials? You can download the free app. to your smartphone or your computer, it is very easy to do. Just go to and click on the "Kindle" section. Then just follow the prompts.
Nervous number three I'm writing a book on watercolor and cards...pray for me please.I've written other books but never submitted them for publishing, too much of a coward. My business coach; John Sanpietro told me on Tuesday "You are guaranteed to fail if you never try" Ah yes, it is mind over fear. I have to remember "I do not have a spirit of fear ,but of power, love and a sound mind." God said that.
Another little nervous; I'm going to the Mayo Clinic in Minn. They haven't called me yet with the appointment, but my RA doctor called them and referred me.
Also, after talking to several stampers who suffer from disabilities I thought of maybe starting a "Stamping for Health" group, any ideas on this are welcome, as are ideas you'd like to see in a WC book for card makers.
Thanks for listening, your presence means a lot to me.


lisa808 said...


Best of luck with your book. That is really exciting.

My fingers are crossed that you don't flood again and that you quickly get an appointment at the Mayo Clinic.

Inky hugs, Lisa

Laura said...

Congrats on all your's great you've found some avenues to help keep your sanity while coping with chronic health issues! I know some days it's still tough...hang in there!

Anita said...

Wow! You do have a lot going on. I have the kindle for computer and will have to look for your tutorials. The book sounds awesome. Good luck with your appointment.