Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Up date

I've had so many inquiries about my RA condition and my basement flooding.Last week my RA doc told me this may be the best I'll ever feel...which is not very well. He has tried so many meds. and shots on me with little to no effect.We tried an IV infusion once and I had some kind of reaction to it, so had to quit that.There are a few other IV infusions he can try but they cost $3000.00 a month and my insurance will pay $100.00.What a deal huh?? He has suggested I go to the Mayo Clinic in Minn. that maybe that will help? I have been so discouraged I wanted to give up.I'm concerned about the cost of going to the Mayo,even though I have insurance.I guess I'm too darn stubborn to quit, so I'll keep trying and relying on my God to provide.
With the flood downstairs my other son who is in construction and works mainly on homes with water damage come over and poked some holes into the dry wall to check where the water came in from.He believes it is running in from the garage that always leaks during a rain storm plus the ground saturation. He found wetness behind my built in oak book case that runs floor to ceiling and wall to wall. None of our vast collection of books were harmed, and my stamping supplies are upstairs, so I feel blessed about that.But I'm also pretty bummed that my bookcase may need to be dismantled, and all the dry wall replaced. I have a carpet fan going on under the carpet and huge fans borrowed from family members running consistently. Fun times!
Thanks for asking, I'll be in better shape to start posting some fun things later.
Cyber hugs to you all,


Kim said...

Sara, if anyone can help you, the Mayo can! They worked miracles for my mom who had a baseball sized brain tumor! They really are the best medicine money can buy. Incidentally, the cost of staying in the twin cities area is not nearly as expensive as in other major metro areas. Travel and lodging is much more reasonable here. Good luck

lisa808 said...

Sarah,I have always heard wonderful things about the Mayo Clinic. Perhaps it is worth a try. A flooded basement on top of not feeling well really is a lousy break. My thoughts are with you.

Evette K. said...

Sarah, thank you for answering all our personal questions. Not everyone would. The Mayo Clinic is a wonderful place. It would definately be worth the try. At this point you do not have anything to lose and maybe alot to gain. Won't know unless u go. I am a nurse and would reccomend it highly. Plus as a fellow arthritis sufferer and fibromyalgia sufferer, I know how frustrating this disease can be. As for your basement...fix it now. In the long run a lost book-case is not bad thing but a dry basement is a blessing. Good luck on both problems and we will all be praying for you and for a successful outcome. Just make sure you rest enough. VERY important plus the right amount and kind of exercise. Hugs, carefully!!! LOL

Stamp Magic said...

YIKES! That's a lot to deal with. Thank God for sons in construction! You are in my prayers, Sarah! Hang in there. Our God is big enough for this.