Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back!

My blog guru Heather said I should take a deep breath and step away from the situation.(SARAH STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!)She didn't sound like that I was just embellishing a little. :-) I was not able to get back onto this blog for a couple of days, and after I had gotten the lousy news from my RA Doc it was just the last straw on the proverbial camels back. Any who I can get back here to all of you and say "goodie, goodie grape nuts" I have a card I made from some of the Paisley Petal's DSP and I CASED it from some SU samples. I was thinking of all of you so here is my card to you.


Patricia Gessner said...

Glad your blog is working again. Worried about the news about your RA. Are you sharing? Love your blog

lisa808 said...

Blogger has been a real nuisance lately. Sorry to hear of your RA bad news. Hope you are feeling OK. btw, great card!

Evette K. said...

Hey gf u have us all worried about your doc's verdict on your RA. Can u share with us? I have Osteoarthritis and just found out it is in my spine and causing me to fall alot and have nerve damage in my legs. Not a good outlook for me right now as I am 59 years old have two new knees already...and who knows what will be next. Arthur strikes again. Let all boost each other up. We WILL keep stamping right gals???? I know I will keep going. Got to.