Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm late posting today. I've been having a bad RA day and not feeling up to par.
At any rate, I made some coasters,or these I just covered and painted them. But I did make some coasters that I'll share this week also.
I bought this coaster set made by KaiserCraft. It is made of a hard Masonite compost. I painted the edges and base in Black acrylic then I covered them in our Newsprint DSP/117166 and then sealed them with Mod podge. I'm really liking these.
Thanks for looking,


A Touch of SOL said...

LOVE IT...Where did you get the matching stand...GREAT GIFT!

lisa808 said...

Sorry to hear your RA is flaring up. Hope you get relief soon.

Nice coaster set. Love the stand.

Tammy Q Howell said...

Love that paper you chose to use! Great job and hope your flare is a short one.

Joni Kelly said...

Those coasters are adorable, but I have a question for you. Does the Mod Podge get messed up when you put a sweating glass on it? I have coasters and DSP coming out the ears and would love to make some of these.

KnitYoga said...

Love those coasters!