Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calendar tins for the expo

I made up a bunch of calendar tins for the craft show expo.As you can see I used up some retired DSP from the Holiday mini. I hate to waste paper. Guess which one is my favorite one? The first one to guess will get a little surprize in the mail.
Thanks for looking,


Anonymous said...

I think the one with the blue bird on it is your favorite.
Am I right?
Debi Pippin
Inverness FL

Wendy Hawkinson said...

I think it's the tin on the top right w/ the pretty red flower. :)

Wendy Hawkinson

Lianne Carper said...

Well my favorite is the one with the blue bird but since someone already chose that one, I will say that YOUR favorite is the one made with the Elegant Soire Paper

Lianne Carper
lianne at cardscraps dot com

ruthi said...

i go for the one with the butterflies!

Pam said...

I think it is the third row down, 1st on the left - the one with the ribbon running vertically. They are all pretty though.

Pam Weber

Diane J Ouellette said...

It is hard to pick YOUR favorite...but mine is the Black and White tin! I'll go with that.

stampindjo at hotmail dot com

Carri said...

They are all so beautiful and creative, but I think your favorite has blue ribbon running horizontal and the blue and brown flower. Thank you so much for sharing.

Lori Mueller said...

OMGosh....this is difficult! I would like to think YOUR favorite is the Black and White Newsprint tin. At least, that is MY favorite! YEAH...I win! We both like the same one! ;) Teehehehe

Anonymous said...

I will say the top right with the flower. At least that is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I think your favorite is the very last one. it's the last row down and the last one in that row. I love all of them. How could you even choose a favorite.

Karen Monger

Tamra said...

Sarah..just happened upon your blog today and wanted to comment on your beautiful calender tins!! awesome!

Theresa said...

Not sure which one you favor, but I hope it is first row, third one down. That is my favorite.
Theresa in Kitimat
tfredric at citywest dot ca

chelsea said...

Can I join?
Maybe I'll go with the pink one..

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Debby said...

I think it is the 3rd one on the top. They are all so pretty.
angel hugs
angels5.2005 at

NONNIE a/k/a Betty said...

These are beautiful. What is the size of these tins and who makes them? Thank you.