Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookies, cookies and candy!

Oh my,I'm so done with cut out cookies. Two batches of Rich Butter cookies,one batch of soft sugar cookies,peanut butter kiss cookies, and Almond Roca candy. I have not made my favorite yet. Those are the magic layer cookies with coconut, chocolate chips, walnuts and graham cracker crust.Our cookie decorating section on Sunday went very well.I'll post some pictures of some as soon as I can.We had some really interesting cookies;like Justin's Yoda Hitler cookie.Don't ask. LOL
My granddaughter made double and triple layered cookies. The first time for that! Of course she is a genius. (giggle)

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Anonymous said...

Rich Butter Cookies??! Those sounds incredible...I'm horrible at baking cookies. Must better at eating them Ü Have a Wonderful Christmas!!