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Friday, October 23, 2009

Just been sick

I can't believe it has been a while since I posted. I've been sick for about a month, not the swine flu but two bacterial infections probably caused by my IV infusions to lower my immune system. Well that worked. Thanks but no thanks. I was looking at doing some tutorials and a video on watercolor techniques. I have all sorts of projects piling up in my studio, just not feeling well enough yet.
I'll post as soon as I'm up again. I have a roll away bed in the middle of my studio because my husband and I were coughing so much we were keeping each other up at night. So, we took turns sleeping on the roll away. Fun times! I'll be feeling better soon, as I haven't had another IV. I'm not sure the Dr. will keep giving them to me at this point since I got so sick. Keep an eye open for blog candy coming. Everyone stay well.


Chrisd said...

Take care of yourself and know we will be waiting for your return... Hugs from Michigan

happyhome43 said...

I am so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I will keep you in my prayers and daily thoughts. I am looking forward to your speedy return!

lisa808 said...

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Laura said...

So sorry Sarah...didn't know you were sick...hang in there!