Saturday, October 18, 2008

So much stuff

With my father moving in, I'm over whelmed by his furniture, boxes of many bulk items such as paper products, books, movies and clothes. Bless his heart he is so nice about giving some items away and selling others. I'm going to have buy some "space bags" for all the blankets I have. Donating sounds like a good idea too. Anyone want anything? I made my way back into my studio after having all sorts of "stuff" temporarily hanging out. I can now do some art-work in there.


Sandie said...

Sarah, Places such as WAVI are always looking for donations, especially items such as crafting goods, blankets, women's and children's clothing and household goods. These are abused women looking to start a new life and many leave situations with just the clothes on their backs. I recently donated items to them and they are so genuinenly appreciative of everything that is given to them. And it's all tax deductible too!

Sarah said...

Sandie, I'm headed there today. Thanks!