Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shot sign

It is quiet here today so I can show you some thing I made yesterday. I have to take an Enbrel shot every six days for my RA, since it falls on a different day each week I was having trouble remembering which day I needed to take it. I have to take it early in the morning, and switch back and forth from my left arm to my right. I was posting a stick it note on my bathroom mirror the night before but decided it was not my style. So, I made a little sign. The "right" and "left" side are actually the same size.
I took two pieces of brown patterned paper, cut out my letters on my Cricut, sewed some lace on each side, painted the edges with white acrylic, put a blue corner edge on one corner each, Mod Podged it all, then applied buttons and a blue ribbon. Taped it all together and WA LA my "shot" sign. I know I'm a dork, my daughter said so too.


Unknown said...

I found you!! A fellow blogger! :) I think your sign is great and something I would totally do! LOL!

Sarah said...

Good to have you here. email me your blog.